Compare FREE car insurance quotes now

Compare FREE car insurance quotes now

Auto Insurance Florida

Looking for affordable Florida auto insurance? We have gone out of our way to put online all the important and up to date information about auto insurance in Florida. We aim to answer all your questions and give you the freedom to compare quotes and choose the right policy for you.

Auto Insurance In Florida – Important Information

Auto insurance in Florida is mandatory. If you are driving without auto insurance in Florida you must know that it is illegal and your driving privilege can be suspended by The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for up to three years or until you provide a proof of Florida auto insurance. Your auto insurance must be from Florida and cannot be a policy from another state. The state requires that all vehicles to be under ownership in Florida have Florida auto insurance.

Florida Auto Insurance Requirements

The minimum coverage for auto insurance in Florida is $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 Property Damage Liability (PDL) as long as you have a valid Florida tag, even if the vehicle is in another state or inoperative. There are no exemptions in the law. Additionally, if you have been involved in an accident, or have been convicted of certain offenses, you may be required to purchase Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) coverage. For more details please read Florida auto insurance requirements, SR22 form and FR44 insurance.

Florida No Fault Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in Florida works based on a law called Florida No Fault Insurance Law. The law simply states that it does not matter who caused the accident, and each person must by for damages that resulted from the accident. The ability to sue the other driver is very limited due to the No Fault Law. As a result, Florida drivers must keep in mind that even if they are hit, and are not at fault, the other driver may not necessarily have to pay for damages. Read more on Florida No Fault Auto Insurance

Florida Auto Insurance Rate

The average auto insurance premium in Florida is $1,709 in 2009; the national average is $1,793. 2011 has had an increase in auto insurance rates and finding the cheapest auto insurance is becoming more difficult. Even within the state of Florida, rates have changed over the past few years. Average auto insurance premium in Florida is 7% higher in 2009 than 2008. 2008 was 1% higher than 2007 in Florida. It is important to shop for car insurance so you get the best available rate! brings competition directly to the consumer and we work to lower your costs through technology.

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